Hi Everyone!
My name is Denise and I used to be a very proud human mum to one incredible German Shepherd called Ebi. Like most dog owners, I thought I was being responsible by picking up after my pooch. Yet what was happening, in reality, was that I was preserving the poop – wrapping it in plastic for it to take hundreds of years to decompose. I only learned this from a fellow dog owner after scooping up hundreds of poops and sending them to landfill. As an earth fan, I wanted to make amends. And after a little discussion with other dog lovers, we set about creating compostable poop bags – the kind that would decompose after 3 – 6 months, with ZERO harmful traces. That idea grew legs, and before we knew it, the GREEN POOP BAG was born! :) It’s now been four years since Ebi passed, but her legacy lives on – a healthier planet and nature preserved (for many walks to come).
Who’d have thought that Ebi doing her business would lead me to help to tackle a massive pollution problem? :) 
Our Green Poop Team is truly passionate about what we do, and while what we do isn’t everyone’s bag, it sure is ours - a true labour of love – a product of a passion for the planet (and our pets). As pet owners and seriously experienced poo-pickers we’ve created the bestest, most desirable poo bag there is around, with main aim to make the stinky job easier and mother earth happier! 
And as we don’t feel that it’s enough to create an earth-loving product and say that’s simply it. For every purchase of our Green Poop Bags, we donate to Friends of the Earth charity. So they then take it from there with their incredible work!
Thank you for being part of the #greenmovement !