80% less ash waste when incinerated! No microplastics in landfill*



It was summer 2019 when our creator Denise took a leap of faith… She simply had to make a change because she felt not enough was being done to help in past and present for future of our planet! After months of researching, designing, and building resilience against ‘sensible’ advice - the very first batch of us truly-planet-protecting poo bags was born! While the timing of the launch couldn’t have been more challenging, thankfully the urge to join others in creating positive impacts and protecting the environment from more harm was stronger than any obstacle found in the way. The word spread fast about our existence, witty personality, and abilities to make the stinky job easier and the planet happier and so our GREEN POOP BAG family started to grow.  We now have a wonderful family of supportive, like-minded superheros working together to do good. But the story doesn’t end here… You might think we are just one poo bag for a man, but we are actually part of a giant leap for mankind!  So stay tuned! ;)

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Based on 1991 reviews
Ellie Lock (Stoke-on-Trent, GB)
Great bags

Sustainable bags to hold poo. They do the job without fuss 🙂

Nicky Robinson (Hackney, GB)
Green for Spring!

Using these poo bags is more about me helping with the environment, makes me feel like a 'spring of fresh air' (kinda anyway). Been using them for a while now .. they're perfect!

Roberta Cockerell (Sheerness, GB)
Planet friendly poop bags!

I just love these bags, they are big enough to pick up after both of my girls .

JenS (Lewes, GB)
Great poop bags - well worth a try

I have been looking for poop bags with handles on rolls, they are incredibly hard to find! These bags were a little more expensive than others so I requested a sample to see what they were like. They arrived the next day and I had placed an order within the hour! They are great bags, the handles and bag depth are brilliant, the green credentials are fantastic and the bag is strong and leak-proof. As an added bonus, the bags aren't as crinkly-sounding as the bags I was using, my puppy LOVES crinkle noises so picking up after him can become a playtime with poop-bags which is not ideal, these bags give me a few seconds head-start :)

Summary - I was a bit skeptical but am converted, they are great poop-bags.

Michelle (Camborne, GB)
Peace of mind poo bags!

Great quality bags, with a great service and we love the subscription option. To know that you’re using something that is genuinely completely biodegradable in such a short space of time, as well as fab quality, is such a peace of mind. Thank you!

S Meegan (Bradford, GB)

These are the most superior poo bags. They are durable, and have handles to tie the bag which lock the odour of the poo in the bag so you won’t get an unpleasant smell and are biodegradable. They are easy to open, you can scoop one handed and they can hold a lot. Brilliant product

Becca Einhorn (Dagenham, GB)
Much a-poo about nothing

My dogs love a bit of Shakespeare and when it comes to walkies they are positively ecstatic to have a poop out in the open with a green poop bag to hand. The bard has nothing on us, as poop bag in hand we scoop the poop and leave nothing behind. My doggies and I are spreading the word - but not the poop- about keeping our world a cleaner sweeter place

Luluchu (Matlock, GB)
Leaf, leaf, leaf POO!

Ah the fun of autumn and winter as all the brown leaves provide the perfect camouflage for pupper poop! To make matters worse, my pup continues to circle as she poops, and occasionally gets distracted by interesting smells half way through and wanders off! Luckily, armed with my green poop bag I can pick up multiple scattered brown Christmas gifts ... Just so long as I don't take my eyes off where they're hiding! I'm also hoping that using them will keep me on Santa's 'nice' list as they don't contain any plastic that could hang around like an unwanted Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come. Happy festive pooping!!

V owner of Wisp (Norwich, GB)
A hounds repawt

I haz watched da hoomin pick up mi poop wid many different bags before dey found da Green Poop bags. Wow what a difference dey made. Easy to use in da hound bag and rucksacks, big to acknowledge my prowess in da pooping, no embarrassing split bags. Bestie i iz helping da planet i can poop wiv pride. Fank you luffs Wisp 🐾

Diane Powell (Swansea, GB)
Teddy & Stan daily standard poopsicle

Roll up roll up, literally as they came on a bag and we’re marvellous even my human didn’t get any hassle with them, large, great feel, thick and easy to tie, mummy said oooh that’s a great find, let’s get some. I told her they could be composted to, it blew her tiny mind 😜🤯😂
Thank you green poop

Amanda Willmoth (Wigan, GB)

Just what I have been looking for, non plastic poop bags that are not too thin so I don’t feel like I’m touching the poop, they tear from the roll easily and bags don’t get wasted and they’re compostable too.

R Bhalls (London, GB)
Just good things all round

Having done some research I decided to go with the green poop bag… much so I placed my order before the samples arrived. Having discovered I’d not used a coupon code I have to say after contacting the customer services team they were nothing short of excellent!!! This is so refreshing, not only do they have a great product that is kind to the planet, they also have an excellent customer service that’s equally as kind.
Great company, great product….. woofing great!!

Priscilla T (Harrow, GB)
Green Poop Bags

When it comes to the call of nature for my dog, a natural approach when dealing with the result is achieved with Green Poop Bags. They provide the essential guaranteed plastic free solution. The bags are well made and not at all flimsy, very happy with them 💚

Holly Clarke (Cambridge, GB)
Best doggy bag on the market

Love these bags, they are appropriately sized, strong, have tie handles and feel so lovely, compared to cheap plastic alternatives. And best yet, they are degradable and compostable so it’s a guilt free poopa scoopa experience.

Ralph du Plessis (Chelsea, GB)
The poop bags are so good, they have a community

Apart from the obvious benefits of using biodegradable poop bags, these are special.
They have a velvety texture which makes them nice to hold when full of the warm stuff. The bag is so snazzy, that if you take a sip of your coffee with the same hand, the bag bumping against your chin feels like a gentle and loving nudge from your dog’s furry forehead.

Hayley Sumption (Taunton, GB)
Greatest bags ever!

As an owner and dog boarder we get through a lot of bags! These are strong, nice to touch and hold and great handle length.

Sandra McDermott (Londonderry, GB)
The Best Poop Bags

So glad i discovered these bags last year! i have 2 dogs, so walkies frequently involves 4-6 poops from them, plus i lift random ones that have been left by their irresponsible owners .
Things i love about the bags:
On a roll
Very easily opened
Highly recommend!
Recently ran out before my next subscription arrived. Scared my daughter and the dogs shouting at the poor substitutes I'd bought to tide me over!!

Susan Shayshutt (Essex, GB)
Perfect pick up

My monthly subscription means I never run out of poop bags for my two rascals. Perfect size, perfect for the environment equals perfect pick up

Supernova171 (Glasgow, GB)
Never had more fun scooping poop!

So glad to have found an eco-friendly solution to poop scooping! Now we just need to make this the mandatory standard - Green Poop Bags for all and for our planet!! Think I need to start a lobbying campaign for this....!
I have only just started using Green Poop bags and I am a huge fan already - the bags are such good quality and I love the tie handle. My pooch agrees also - Green Poop bags are a brilliant thing.

Andrea McTernan (Southampton, GB)
Impressed to share

Been using the 💚 green poop bag for some time now. Easy to unroll,store and use . Soft comfortable touch of the bag and big enough to do it's job .
Love the environmental friendly ingredients. Have given one box to my son for his new puppy to try out. Might have a new 💚 green poop bag friend.

Rach Bee (Tamworth, GB)
The best poo bags I have used

These poo bags are great, my dog is entire and raw fed, he can do 4 separate poos on a walk. I use one bag for all ( he is just scenting, not big poos!)

Patricia Burchell (Taunton, GB)
Poop bags

So nice to use a an eco friendly product that does the job! Well done 👍

Rae (Greenford, GB)
Actually Compostable Poo Bags!

It’s weird to be particular about what you pick up your dogs poo with, but it annoys me how many black plastic bags that we know don’t break down for centuries and then leach harmful chemicals into wherever they’ve been left. It also annoys me how many of these products say ‘biodegradable’ - a loop hole of marketing (everything is *technically* biodegradable). So to actually find a well priced and decent company who help me pick up my dog's dinner on the way out in a sustainable way, I love it. Buy in bulk people!

Fiona (Doncaster, GB)
Twice the fun

Website easy to use. Like handled bags better as they are easier to tie and carry. Rolls are great size for every coat pocket and bag.

Kate (Wolverhampton, GB)
Always the best

These bags are just great perfect size strong and good for the environment