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The Green Poop Bag receives International Green Apple Environment Award

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Home and industrial poo composting: What’s the difference?

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Really good poop bags, plenty of strength and good size for those poops that make your pup 5kg lighter!


The dog says that they are very nice indeed, quite classy and ideally suited to her position in the house.

Best Dog Poop Bags

Love these dog poop bags.
Love the ethos of the company.
Had started to feel after buying black dog bags for years that perhaps this was not the best way to dispose of my dog’s business. Looked around for a ‘greener’ alternative and came across The Green Poop Bags.
They may be more expensive than standard dog bags but they are I my opinion the best green bags. Never had any issues with bags bursting or fingers breaking through on pick up and even good for carrying the occasional litter pick up as well.
Brilliant company all round doing a brilliant job for the environment.

Brilliant innovation!

I was so very happy to find a truly environmentally friendly product. They were delivered quickly in plastic-free packaging and work equally as well as any plastic bag. Thank goodness we don't have to use those plastic ones any more, though.

So much Poo !!!

Currently our record is 8 poo's a day with our new Boxer pup. I am so glad I ordered biodegradable poo bags, I hate to image all those poo's bags being plastic and going into the waste. I am delighted with the thickness and the size and whilst there is quantity the bags are very much upto the job. Ripley says thanks !!!

Otto’s Stonking Stinkers!

Otto leaves some pretty impressive “presents” and a fair few each day. Using standard plastic poo bags would make these stinkers far more damaging long term than a mere short term pong!

These green bags deal well with the size and consistency they need to and I have no problem recommending them to you. The fact they will decompose in 3 months or so is a major plus as far as I am concerned.....course if we fed him less would not need so many poo bags...

Green poo bags - Ty Gwyn Holidays

We are a small glamping site with a static caravan and we allow our guests to bring their 4 legged friends with them on holiday. We have been trying to find dog poo bags that will degrade as quick as possible using our doggy loo ( a bucket with holes in underground). We are waiting to see how the bags decompose and hope that we can then offer them to our guests and keep the campsite clean and green!
Our 2 border collies are trying them out!

Fantastic product

These are great! Strong and environmentally friendly too!
The subscription service is so easy-I’ll never run out again!

Green and green....

Strong bags with handles. I love the fact they are totally biodegradable. These are the same length as the bags I previously used which didn’t have handles. I like the handles but they do make the ‘useable’ bit smaller.

So much more than a poo bag

A decent size for a large dog’s generous offerings (Belgian malinois), not too flimsy and some of the only bags out there to be fully biodegradable - every dog owner should be buying these bags! Even the packaging is plastic-free! What’s not to like?

Great Poop Bags

We thought the poop bags were great, but a little pricey.

The Poo Bag of Gods for Dogs

Love these! Perfect size for my small dogs. But most importantly, easy to open, the material makes it so easy I can do it with gloves on! Never again will I have to second guess which hand I used to pick up dog 1’s poo before moistening a finger to open a poo bag for dog 2. Dilemma solved!

Poo bags

Secure and no problem with these. Happy with eco credentials.


Great there is a product that isn’t using plastic

Great Value

Good quality poop bags which are easy to dispense and tear off well.
Nice to know we are doing another small thing to help the planet and for a decent price.
Only comment would be for them to be a little bigger (we have a golden retriever) and sometimes it is tricky to get it all in one bag!

Great bags!!!!!

Love these for picking our 3 x cat poo from litter trays and outside! Now my go to for pet poo 💩

Just what I was looking for

I wanted a bag that was kinder to the environment, and these tick that box perfectly. Strong and well made, I’m really happy to be doing my bit to reduce plastic landfill.
Brilliant to be able to get a free sample first too!

Compostable was the key ♻️

I bought these specifically as they were listed as compostable.
They were smaller than expected but they seem strong enough for the ‘job’.
Delivery etc seamless. Paper packaging ✅
Ideal for little pooches for my Labrador I’d need the larger version. My error.

First order

Great bags, really good quality and I feel morally better knowing they will soon rot away.
Will be ordering again.

Awesome bags!

These bags have completely changed how I think about non-plastic bags. They’re strong, smooth, easy to open and large enough to do the job they need to. I’ve never had one split or fail in any way. They’re brilliant and not going to turn into micro plastic floating around in our water systems, what’s not to love? Buy them, you won’t regret it.

My original order didn't arrive but Silvie looked after us so, in the first instance well done, 10 out of 10 for customer service. The bags are great will reorder again. Thanks for your efforts.

Amazing product

Great service for an ethical, strong and useful poop bag!

Second purchase and still the best I’ve used

Great bags, good size, and fast delivery too. Also chuffed with the free gift I received, super handy!

Perfect poo bags

The bags are large and strong, and seeim to hold up well to being stuffed (unused) into various dog walking pockets (other brands tear). Handles help close the top. Come in a handy box (pictured). Glad I’ve found a truly compostable option. Perfect.

Great product

I’ve been nervous of biodegradable since I’ve had a couple of other brand experiences where they have been so thin that they have ripped and unintentional poop finger has happened!
These are great,’! Thick, easy to open and I love the ethics behind the company 😍
I’ll be buying again when I run out and can happily recommend!