What if I don’t Compost them?

Keeping our pets’ environmental pawprints to a minimum can be tricky, and with so many ‘eco’ products out there, how do we know which ones keep their promises?  A question we hear time and again is ‘does using The GREEN POOP BAG really make a difference if I’m not going to compost them at home?’     

It’s an important question, as with over 12 million dogs, just in the UK, creating a daily, 4,000-tonne-poop-mountain, this 40 blue whales’ worth of poop has got to go somewhere!    And we haven’t even mentioned the 9+ million kitties… 

 We all know plastic pollution is rising at an unsustainable pace, and by choosing plastic-free poo bags, you are helping by not adding to this.  Ideally, these brown deposits wouldn’t enter mainstream waste facilities at all, but for now, the reality is that, depending on where you live, around 50% of dog bin waste goes to landfill and 50% to incineration.   

It might seem obvious, but being plastic-free, our bags don’t create microplastics in landfill!  Hooray! But we already knew that, so what’s the big announcement?  Drumroll please…   

Laboratory tests carried out in Dorset in summer 2023 confirm that The GREEN POOP BAG creates 80% less waste after incineration than the leading brand degradable / recycled plastic equivalents, whilst producing a similar energy output. That’s like removing 4 in every 5 truckloads from the road!  It’s a big deal and it’s worth barking about! 

This pioneering research is a gamechanger for pet owners looking to make genuinely greener choices. A small change that really can make a great impact!    

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