• Well I never poo that…

      Poo is stinky subject that a lot of us shy away from.  But it’s essential to life! Here’s a few fascinating faecal facts to help you see the lighter side! Size Matters The prize for world’s largest poo should probably go to the blue whale.  Consuming up to 3.6 tonnes of food each day must produ... View Post
  • Pet toys that don’t cost the earth

      In the UK we spend on average £1,150 a year (or £95 a month) on our pets.  The pet accessory industry is pretty huge – expected to exceed £900million by 2021-2022! That’s 12-14% of the overall pet products market.  Pet shops are ever seeking more and more novel or fashionable products to stimul... View Post
  • Serving shoulder-to-paw

      You and your pooch might be besties… but did you know humans have had pet pals for more than 30,000 years? From cave paintings to ancient manuscripts, it’s clear that animals and humans have a long-established bond, a bond so strong it will even brave warzones.  Horses have been used in battle ... View Post