How to have a happy bonfire night

Who doesn’t love a roaring bonfire and spectacular fireworks? Well… as many fur-baby parents know…the answer often is ‘pets’.  From cats who hide under the bed to dogs who can get so anxious they cause damage to themselves and your property… fireworks can be a major cause of stress for many animals at this time of year.  Our planet too - suffers from these festivities from pollution to waste generated at events.  Seeing in this bonfire night with a new puppy, we’re not quite sure what to expect – but we’ve made plans for someone to be at home on those noisy evenings, and are taking other steps too.

So how can we have a bonfire night that suits everyone? Follow these top tips for a happy fireworks night for your (and other people’s) pets.


  • Walk your dog earlier in the day, while it is still light outside. Remember that nervous animals can poop more frequently so take an extra biodegradable poo bag in your pocket, just in case 😊
  • Create a hideaway for your dog or cat out of boxes or blankets – think kids’ den!
  • Turn on the radio to dull any loud bangs and shut the curtains so your pet isn’t so bothered by flashes of light. 
  • Keep your pets indoors. Cats can be spooked by fireworks and bolt.  Keep the cat flap locked over the firework season.  Don’t forget to stock up on compostable poop bags and to provide a litter tray for your kitty :) 
  • If you’re heading out, think zero-waste: take a re-usable bottle or lovely flask of hot chocolate rather than buying some in a plastic cup. 
  • Join in a municipal display rather than having individual ones all over the neighbourhood in gardens. 
  • Explain to your kids the benefits of being plastic-free before you give in to requests for plastic light-up toys at display grounds - kids get it.

Photo by Undine Tackmann

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