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  • Celebrating Mother Earth on Mayday

    Will you be watching maypole dancers on the village green or revelling with the Green Man this May bank holiday?  Maybe you’ll simply be taking the opportunity to light up the bbq with friends or family.    Whatever you’re up to, the reason you’ve got the day off has very ancient roots.  The Roma... View Post
  • Good Green News

    The world’s news can feel overwhelming… That’s why it’s good to take time out to focus on the brilliantly positive things that are happening all around us!   Floor tiles create green energy  An idea born in a Brixton flat is helping 200 projects in 37 countries harness the power of footfall.  The... View Post
  • It’s not easy being green…

      People still talk about the ‘Blue Planet effect’… that is the action people took, pretty much overnight, following the broadcast of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series.  The programme highlighted many threats to our oceans, perhaps most notably, the plastic pollution problem.  If you didn’t... View Post
  • Don't Look Up

    Many of us have been talking about the Netflix film Don’t Look Up.  If you’ve not seen it – spoiler alert!  Whilst the plot depicts the approach of a catastrophic, ‘extinction-level’ comet heading straight for earth, it’s also a pretty clear allegory for climate change.  The impending doom in the... View Post
  • Talking ‘bout a resolution…

      Starting the new year sustainably. As we clear the Christmas clutter and finish up the last of the mince pies, many of us think to the new year and what positive changes we are going to make to our lives.  Traditionally this would have just involved a spring clean.  More recently it has been al... View Post
  • To stick n' flick or not to stick n' flick? That is the question (apparently!)

      It can be confusing, owning a pet in this climate-conscious age.  Rescue or breeder? Raw food or tinned? Bag it and bin it or stick it n’ flick it? Should I even have bought a pet, with its surprising carbon load, in the first place? Let’s face it, it’s a bit of a mine field! We can’t get every... View Post
  • Make one change

    While world leaders meet at Cop26 to decide the big steps needed towards reducing climate change, a lot of us at home are thinking about the little things that we can all do.  It can feel quite overwhelming seeing the climate crisis in the media everywhere we turn.  For those of us that are alrea... View Post
  • Have yourself a climate-conscious Christmas 2021

    Can we talk about it yet? Christmas?! 😊 There’s no escaping Christmas in the UK.  From as early as September we are told that, in order to have even a smidgen of fun, we need to buy, buy, buy! This year, perhaps more than ever, there has been a huge media push to ‘get prepared’ and panic buy as m... View Post