Plastic-free July

Plastic-free July is a global movement helping millions of people become part of a solution to plastic pollution.  By sharing positive stories and tips and tricks, it helps empower people to refuse single use plastic.  There’s a handy website and newsletter you can subscribe to which will send weekly emails to keep you motivated throughout the month and give you ideas to try.   

Interestingly it states the top 4 single use plastic items to be:  

*plastic bags 

* water bottles 

* takeaway coffee cups 

* plastic straws 

Being part way along my plastic-free journey, I was surprised by this as it has become normal for me to never need or miss using these items at all.  All it takes is a shift in mind-set and surrounding yourself with like-minded people.  Could you ditch one of these top 4 this month? 


Going truly plastic-free, however, is a daunting undertaking – and I don’t know anyone who has fully made the change… but reducing single use plastic is something everyone can do. 


Here are our top tips for starting out on a reduced-plastic summer: 

  • Talk about solutions, not moans! Spread the word with your friends about fun and easy swaps you’ve made.  Here’s mine: We hosted a children’s party recently and asked each child to bring their own cup.  This was a double win because it reduced waste and the kids recognised their own cup and so fewer germs were shared by picking up the wrong one. 😊 


  • DIY is fun and often reduces the need for plastic too! Making your own yogurt is surprisingly easy – and think of all the plastic pots you won’t be buying if you DIY even just occasionally.   


  • Keep reusable bags and containers by the door or in the car so you always have that gentle reminder. 


  • Choose paper wrapping.  In this hot weather, think about your iced goods choices.  Own brand choc ices are often packaged in paper sleeves and a cardboard box.  My kids like these just as much as a plastic ice pop.  When choosing sweets for on top of the birthday cake recently I noticed a well-known brand had switched to paper bags… the birthday child was so happy about it and was asking why all sweets don’t come this way (yes I have indoctrinated her somewhat).  Making smart swaps when out shopping is easy and fun. 


And finally, don’t forget to always have a pocket full of plastic-free poop bags. 😊 



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