Good Green News

The world’s news can feel overwhelming… That’s why it’s good to take time out to focus on the brilliantly positive things that are happening all around us!


Floor tiles create green energy 

An idea born in a Brixton flat is helping 200 projects in 37 countries harness the power of footfall.  The floor tiles, created by British company, Pavagen, collect the energy created when we step and convert the kinetic energy into green electricity.  Each step we take generates around 5 watts  – that’s enough to power a lightbulb for 20 seconds!  The floor tiles are placed in areas with high footfall to help power appliances around them.  In Nigeria the tiles are used under a football pitch.  The energy created helps light up the stadium!


Trees planted to protect Scottish salmon 

Millions of trees are being planted alongside Scotland’s rivers to help protect the salmon from the effects of climate change.  The trees are an eco-friendly way to help keep waters cooler which will help the salmon who travel upstream each year to spawn.  More trees are always a good idea 😊 


Ditch the food waste 

Getting rid of plastic fruit and veg wrap and best before dates could save more than 10,300 tonnes of plastic waste, 100,000 tonnes of food waste and 130,000 tonnes of C02 in the UK alone according to a report published last week! France have already banned plastic wrapping on fruit and veg and Spain are set to follow… Any move towards zero-waste is good news!


Bee Bricks 

Cornish entrepreneurs Kate and Gavin Christman have created The Bee Brick, a home for native solitary bees that can be used as a standard construction brick.  A new planning law introduced for Brighton means that all new-builds there must include these bricks.  Such a fantastic idea and a really easy way to help support Mother Nature.




Photo by Photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash

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