Plastic Free July is here!

Summer is finally here (she really took her time this year!). The birds are signing, or in my garden, the baby sparrows are squawking! The air feels soft and warm on your skin, even in the shade. There’s the fresh scent of dried grass on the breeze… and it’s that time again – time to think about what changes we can make for Plastic Free July.

Plastic Free July was born in 2011 in Perth, Australia. It was designed to raise awareness about plastic pollution and to help protect Western Australia’s amazing natural environment. It quickly became a global movement, and here in the UK, it has become a great time to take stock of the changes we’ve already made, and look at where to take our single-use plastic reduction further. 

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve already made the switch to plastic-free pet poo bags. If so, congratulations! You are helping to save the planet with just this one action! Perhaps you also lost the flimsy supermarket shopping bags long ago, in favour of a sturdy tote… So where are you going to go next to reduce your plastic use even further? We’ve compiled some tips to get you started:


  • Does your furry friend love a toy? Many plastic toys break very easily, becoming dangerous and destined only for the bin. Why not try a natural fibre toy, such one made of jute or hemp rope, a coffee or olive wood chew, or even a natural fabric tug toy. These are great fun, and at the end of their lives, many can be composted.


  • A morning coffee with your walk can be a lovely treat if you’re lucky enough to have a local café en-route. Take along your own cup and you’ll often get a discount as well as reducing waste! That’s a win-win! If you need a biccy with it, decant a couple into a reusable tub rather than choosing individually wrapped ones. You could even make your own if you’re a wannabe Nigella in the kitchen 😉 It’s a super-easy swap.


  • When did you last check your shopping list for single-use plastic? It’s not as hard as it sounds 😊 Are there any plastic bottles that could be swapped for glass or cans? Mayonnaise is a no-brainer for this – and a jar is often cheaper than the squeezy bottles too. Everyone loves syrup on a pancake, and the well-known tins are so nostalgic, as well as being plastic free. I like to reuse my iconic British brand syrup tins as plant pots afterwards!



Remember, every small change helps, and together, we can make a big impact. So here’s to a fun and furry Plastic-Free July. Let’s make it the best one yet!


Photo by Joe Caione

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