Earth Day 2024

Earth day 2024 


Earth Day is an annual event that takes place on 22nd April and was created to show support for the environment.  This year, many events are being held across the globe, coordinated by non-profit,, who are placing a special focus on raising awareness about the impact of plastic on our planet via their ‘planet vs plastics’ official 2024 Earth Day theme.  From beach cleans to talks, meditation sessions to live music, there is something for everyone this Earth Day. 


We’ve come a long way, as a global community, since the first Earth Day in 1970, which shed light on pollution and its public health risks and directly led to the formation of several environmental laws in the USA.  Public awareness of the health and environmental risks of pollution have improved so much, but there’s still a long way to go and more mountains to move, not least Earth Day’s demand that all plastic production be reduced by 60% by 2040! 


Imagine a world that thrives without the burden of plastic – this is the vision of the 2024 Earth Day.  Events planned are aimed at raising awareness of the dangers of plastic, helping phase our single-use plastic by 2030, advocating policies that combat the environmental impact of fast fashion, and supporting innovative alternatives to plastic.


Together, the GREEN POOP BAG family is a part of this movement to help our planet, helping replace over 15,000,000 plastic bags with compostable poo bags so far!


2 Earth Positive things you can do today: 

  • Visit to find out what events are happening near you 
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Photo by  Elena Mozhvilo

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