There’s definitely a bite in the air and a tinge of orange in the trees.  Pumpkins are popping up everywhere and I’ve even dug out my winter boots and fluffy socks!  The flipflops have definitely been retired for now.  The cat is becoming magnetically drawn to any lap that stays still for a moment, whilst the dog is happy lolloping through the fallen leaves and really doesn’t feel the cold at all with her double coat.

At this spooky time of year, be sure to carry your GREEN BOO! BAGS… They are a plastic-free treat to use, though we can’t guarantee the contents will be sweet as candy 😉

Come to think of it, mine HAVE held sweets in an emergency… and blackberries, conkers, ‘essential’ acorn collections, river-soaked socks, seashells and fossils! Have you had any novel uses for your biodegradable buddies? We’d love to hear about them if so! Whatever you’re using your poop bags for, we hope you have a lovely weekend, with many more treats than tricks. 

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