Ready or not, Christmas is coming😊 Mostly we see it as a joyful festive season when we look forward to get together with our family and friends spending time with them and surprise them with something nice to open under the Christmas tree. But our mother Earth is embracing for the worst few weeks of the year and prays to survive another year.

Why is that? 

Christmas, time of indulgent over-consumptions and an industry worth £42bn to the UK economy. It may seem like the most wonderful time of the year, but our annual festivities have some shocking environmental consequences. Just looking at the Christmas dinners costing the Earth 150 million miles of carbon emissions to get 10 million turkeys, 370 million mince pies and around 205 million glasses of champagne on our tables. Saying that, with our eyes bigger than our bellies, 230,000 tonnes of unneeded Christmas food will end up in the waste☹

And this is only part of the world’s greatest annual environmental disaster. We use 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging for gifts, which mostly find their way into our oceans afterwards. Our love of lights at Christmas aren’t just damaging for electricity use, it can cause confusion for the wildlife who struggle with the sudden illuminations. And how about the Christmas trees? We are boycotting palm oil use to avoid horrific deforestations, we don’t bat an eyelid to the 8 million trees that are cut down each year for the UK households to show off their yearly decorations on Instagram. Also the over-excessive gifting especially for our little ones, I know it is sweet and adorable, but by March 41% of toys will have broken or our children will get bored of them, most of which will go straight to the tip. 

Do you feel now you don’t want to be part of this madness and want your Christmas to be greener and greater for our planet. You can make a difference and believe us, it will cost you less money, bring your loved ones closer together and our nature will thank you for that. If everyone joins in, you will have the greatest time. Don’t food shop in unnecessary bulk, there is plenty of opportunities to shop for more food if needed, just buy what you really need. Ditch the traditional Christmas tree and hire one instead, which comes in a pot to be re-planted when the festivities come to an end. Make some cards at home re-using your last year cards or calendars, it will be fun cutting out various parts and creating something completely unique to give away.

After all that crafty work get your boots on wrap yourself up and pop out to connect with the nature, enjoy a breath of fresh air, stretch your legs and find a tree to decorate with seed bells, suet, pine cones with peanut butter and watch the birds enjoying their treat.

Finally, we don’t want the stockings to be completely empty as everyone loves a surprise and a gift which puts smile on their face at Christmas and we appreciate how difficult it may be this year to search for the right present, that’s where we come to help😊

We have created a special Green Poop Bag Christmas bundles which are not only a great gift for a pet owner but also a contribution towards a greener Christmas for our mother Earth. We will send your selected bundle to your family or friend directly and include a personalised note to make sure they know who has been thinking of them with 15% off discount code. As you probably know our bags are made from natural ingredients and completely biodegrade leaving zero harm to our environment within few weeks. They are also certified as home compostable and packed in recycled packaging. And this is not all, we have also reduced our shipping costs and if you order 3 products or more the postage is on us😊

The deadline to order your special gift is 15th December as we want all present to arrive on the Royal Mail sledge on time😊

Here is more information about our bundles or visit our webpage: or click on selected pictures below



Cupid 1 x 120 box (bags on roll)

+ 5x large singles + 15% off personalised gift card - £8.50 

Comet 2x 120 box (bags on roll)

+ 5x large singles + 15% off personalised gift card - £16.50 

Rudolph 3x 120 box (bags on roll)

+ 5x large singles + 15% off personalised gift card - £24.50 +FREE SHIPPING

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