The differences between Compostable, Biodegradable, and Oxo-degradable poo bags?

You’re a pet owner looking for a poo bag that won’t harm the environment – you’re in the right place, but let’s delve a little further into the issue of plastic and why purchasing naturally biodegradable and home compostable poo bags are better for you and your fluffy friend.

The seriousness of '’degradable’’ products

Microplastic is everywhere, we aren’t saying it just to hop onto the issue. A recent study led by two PhD students in Arizona showed microplastic in the organs of every one of 47 samples examined. 47 organs of deceased human beings and they all had traces of plastic in their major organs. When plastic doesn’t or can’t degrade, it can so easily end up back in the products we use and eat.

Even though 47 samples might not seem like a large amount, this study – which was presented just last month, August 2020 – is a step towards recognising the sheer severity of plastic waste. It also proves that our bodies can, in fact, hold onto microplastics. Understanding the terms...



A product that breaks down completely into natural elements (no microplastics) with help of natural bacteria and living organisms, there is two different types of compostable: Suitable for HOME composting or INDUSTRIAL ONLY. Find out more …


This type of product is normal plastic with chemical additive, which makes it fragment into microplastics and cannot break down at the molecular level like biodegradable and compostable plastics. It takes an extremely long time for these microplastics to then degrade in the environment fully. Oxo-degradable type of plastic has been completely banned to be used in many countries as the research shows, that oxo-degradable (degradable) plastic is extremely harmful to the environment as microplastics it contaminates our food chain, water and even air!


 What can I do to help?

Start with the little things! Think about the products that you use frequently. Are they biodegradable/compostable? Can you recycle them? Even the freezer, food, and sandwich bags you use – are they just tossed away after a single use?

What about your doggy poo bags?

A huge number of these single-use plastic bags aren’t biodegradable and can’t be recycled because, well, they contain poop. That means that the only way around the issue of throwing away a couple of poo bags per day is to make sure that the ones you buy are CERTIFIED biodegradable/home compostable poop bags and will naturally degrade over time without causing any harm to the environment.

You have your standard poo bags and you’ve read the packaging. They aren’t compostable or biodegradable, and you need a solution. A lot of pet owners are easily tricked by promises of poo bags that biodegrade, whereas they are mostly ordinary PE plastic with chemical additive only degrading into microplastics. So many companies make false claims when they see an eco-friendly hype that pet owners are buying into. The zero waste, zero plastic movement has been around for a while now, but you’ll need to do a little research to remain eco-friendly with so many unfriendly products out there.

Even products using the word “degradable” on their packaging means nothing at all. Everything eventually degrades, but it can take hundreds of years for plastic to fully degrade. Biodegradable poop baggies are where it’s at!

If you’re environmentally savvy and you care about the effects that plastic has on everything around us, your solution is compostable poo bags. These biodegradable baggies will decompose into their environment in a matter of months. They should be certified, particularly by the Home Compostable Certification, as these products don’t require high industrial temperatures to decompose.

Say that you want to ensure that the product you’re using will degrade properly and promptly – look for the EN 13432 code. This requires the compostable plastic product to disintegrate after 12 weeks and to completely biodegrade after a maximum of six months.

Poo bag products like The Green Poop Bag are OK TUV Home Compost, zero waste, zero plastic, EN 13432 certified, vegan, and entirely eco-friendly. You can’t go wrong with a Green Poop Bag in your pocket next time your dog needs to go walkies! 😉


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